• La Citadelle La Ferriere

    a mountaintop fortress, located on the northern coast of Haiti

  • Lido Game

    President Jacques is teaching some of the members how to play Lido.

  • Welcome to HACACHICAGO.COM

    Members serving the community.

  • Get involved !

    Please, help us make the difference.

  • Game Night

    Domino Night

Welcome to the H.A.C.A

H.A.C.A strives to provide comprehensive support to the Haitian community and other ethnic groups in the greater Chicago area. As Haitians, we are not strangers to conflict and struggle, whether with foreign aggressors, or at times, among ourselves. We pledge, however, to transcend both, and converge with our hearts, minds and souls, the resources necessary to establish a formidable socioeconomic and cultural base that will benefit the multitude of Haitians living in the Diaspora.

Konnen nou

Konnen plis sou nou epi vin mete men nan pat la!


Misyon nou

Design and implement innovative educational programs and other activities that will enhance our development.

Lis plis toujou


Travay nou

Provide comprehensive support to the Haitian community and other ethnic groups in the greater Chicago area

Lis plis toujou


Fè yon don kounya

We need your help today to ensure that the H.A.C.A remains vibrant and relevant tomorrow.

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Learn about Haiti

About Haiti

SAP PASE --- NAP BOULE There would have been too much details to go with over 200 years of history. So we are going to stick only with some important and specific dates with facts. From these brief facts you will see a history of a truly resilient people, who fought off slavery and survived civil wars, countless massacres and truly oppressive leadership. » Lis plis toujou

A Community Center

Community Center

Most of us at some point in time, have heard about Community Centers and some of us have benefited from programs developed by these Centers. Community Centers have a reason to be and have played a significant part in the life of many. The history of community centers usually begins with the efforts of volunteers which consent to work freely to make a difference in the lives of others. » Lis plis toujou

Unity is the strength


Haitians since 1804, regardless of their background, their education, regardless of the state of their wealth, where they live or what they do to make a living, at some point in time always talk about unity. What a pride to say Unity is Strength. But, what is the meaning of Unity is Strength. Unity means oneness, or togetherness. » Lis plis toujou

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About Haiti

The Haitian American Community Association (H.A.C.A) has a strong presence and history in the Chicago area. H.A.C.A came into being nearly thirty years ago to fulfill various social service needs within the Chicago Haitian American Community, including other ethnic groups. » Lis plis toujou

Haïti, yon bote san parey!

Haïti, est singulière au nombre d'attractions naturelles et touristiques qu'elle contient.

Video : Courtesy of Youtube User Jean Ederson Alphonse

Latest news


Deportation and Due Process

by From ACLU Website

The immigration system contains an unnecessary and unconstitutional lack of rights that is unheard of in the criminal justice system. No one should be in immigration detention without a constitutio


Biography of Jovenel Moise, President Elect of Haiti

by From Haii-Libre

Jovenel Moïse was born June 26, 1968 in Trou du Nord (North-East Department) in a modest family (father farmer and mechanic, seamstress mother).

In July 1974, he settled with

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