Please, help us make the difference.

Donating or being of service to those who are less fortunate should come from the goodness of your heart and should never be something you need to be forced into. If you want to help, lend a hand by donating funds to HACA. We offer programs such as Bingo Night for Seniors, Counseling, Immigration Assistance, Translation Services, Job Assistance and/or Referral Service, Basic Computer skills for all.

Never be held back by thinking "Oh well what if I can't be of some help" or "I don't know what my money is being used for" - If you have worries than try to research, find what you want to do and DO IT!

We need your help today to ensure that the Haitian American Community Association remains vibrant and relevant tomorrow. Donations from people like you provide a significant part of the support we need to improve and innovate, and to offer assistance to those in needs.

Is there something inside of you that wanted you to make a difference?


Please help us. DONATE TODAY


Haitian American Community Association
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